Roger & Matilda

18″ x 24″ paint marker and oil paint on paper

3 thoughts on “Roger & Matilda

  1. I didn’t know that these effects could be achieved with oils. Does it take long to dry!? It looks like the oil was diluted quite a bit…? (I have never used oils so I have no clue…)

    • Yes the oil paint is diluted with turpinoid, a petroleum product that doesn’t effect the paper fibers the way water does. When the paint dries, your paper is about 99% wrinkle free as opposed to a water based pigment. And these oil washes dry in 2-3 days. I know folks who use gouache and have claimed the same thing, but having worked primarily in oil paint my approach works for me. You just have to work in washes of the paint. And like watercolor, once the pigment is down on the paper its pretty much on the paper.

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