Faculty Parking 2019

February 11, 2019

6″ x 16″ ink and watercolor in sketchbook

3 thoughts on “Faculty Parking 2019

  1. It’s very interesting (to me) how much more information you include in your mixed media pieces with ink and water colour than you do in your formal paintings. I wonder if that difference is determined by the location/process or if it is a conscious editorial choice.

    • Lori,
      That’s a very interesting question. I think the simplest answer is that in the more straightforward or formal paintings I’mm just trying to capture light and form of the subject in the composition. And these are usually items that are drawn/painted from life, so at the least I want to recreate what I am seeing on the painted surface. But with mixed media, I am mostly creating the entire composition with my imagination. I think that I was unsure how I was going to keep the viewer’s eye moving around the image or that I might leave some area un-interesting conceptually so I began incorporating bits and pieces of printed paper into the paint.

      There was a conscience choice that these pieces of newspaper, magazine parts, Chinese fortune cookie saying embellish the concept to one degree or another. The fact that portions are obscured with paint allows the viewer to fill in the gaps, so that the “story” speaks to them as well.

      Hope that makes some sort of sense. I enjoy working both ways and it provides a break from one approach until I feel I need to return back to it.


      • So the narrative as well as an aesthetic is your motive and practice finding a realization in both the process (of choice) and anticipated interpretation of the viewer. That does make sense. Thanks for the answer. Cheers 🙂

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