Hommage to Hockney

November 17, 2014

hommage to hockney

photo collage

While I’m still working on several oil paintings to be posted here in the very near future, thought I’d post this self portrait that was done some 17 years ago. I was employed at this ad agency and a client, Sony, had just come out with what was at the time a fairly new device, a high end digital camera for consumers. Naturally the art department got a chance to play with this “new toy”. Being a fan of the UK artist David Hockney, I thought this new digital medium would be a great way attempt emulating one of Hockney’s photo-collages in a technique he called “joiners”. This was his way of express the cubism technique that had been use in painting for decades through the medium of photography. But where as Hockney had shot several rolls of film and then had to send those rolls of film off to the lab to be developed and printed, you could point shoot and a few seconds later download that photo to one’s computer ready to use. So I got the senior art director, who was the main art department individual playing with this new camera, to click off about several dozen shots of various parts of me sitting in a chair in his office. After about all of five minutes, the images were copied over to my desktop. I picked out just the images I needed, not every one was worth using, just enough to construct a necessary suggestion of form. But I’m not going to go all into the theory of cubism and its application, just Goggle Hockney’s photography to see and discover what that was all about. I was trying out his technique to see if I could get it.

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