Jasper’s portrait

September 21, 2014

preliminary study for a painting

12″ x 12″ pencil sketch

I guess I’ll be putting the still life paintings on hold for a moment so I can produce some commission work. And one of the commissions that I enjoy creating are pet portraits. I’m a fan of dogs and cats, so I like painting their fuzzy faces when I get a chance. And before I start painting, I do pencil sketches to figure out the light, the texture, the composition and to get an approval before the paint hits the canvas. So I might try posting progressions of this portrait so you can see how tho goes from pencil to a finished portrait. Below is the sketch, done at the actual size of the canvas I’ll be working on. Once I have a drawing nailed down, I use it to transfer the basic proportions to the canvas mainly so I can duplicate the approved version. So check back in a few days and let’s see where this goes.

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