Queequeg’s Junket Series – Anita

January 19, 2014

part of Queequeg's Junket Series 18" x 18" oil on canvas

part of Queequeg’s Junket Series
18″ x 18″ oil on canvas

I find our obsession with fame and celebrity fascinating, and with the advent of so-called reality TV for the past decade, we are given people with little or no talent that suddenly become all the water-cooler talk. With apologies to Herman Melville for this series’ title, here’s a little 18″x 18″ oil on canvas painting. The theme to this series is going to be American semi-celebrities (as opposed to those who truly achieve fame) who eventually exceed their 15 minutes of fame. And yet as their fame blooms, they tend to come across in a kind of warrior mode journey that usually backfires and accelerates their banishment to the memory bin. Hence the term “junket” that accompanies the title.

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