Still Life in Green and Orange

December 21, 2012

While looking and another allegorical theme to paint in segments as has been the case over the last couple of years, there was a portion of my earlier painting, Holiday in the Sun, that I felt like revisiting. The source image I have of some red-orange peppers I thought made an interesting contrast against some green colored peppers. The orange peppers come across as more red in the photo of the painting; there is a fine line between reds and oranges but the majority of those non-green shapes are of an orange cast. Either way, I like the bending and curved shapes pushed up against one another.

36"x 36" oil on canvas

36″x 36″ oil on canvas

This work is currently on exhibit and for sale as the original or as fine-art giclée prints on canvas, at the Roswell Farmer’s Market in Roswell, GA. Direct inquiries for this painting to

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