Vermeer’s Pooch

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I know that the great painter Johannes Vermeer has a small dog in a couple of his paintings. Although I don’t believe the dog is a chihuahua, a small terrier perhaps, when I saw this little dog’s face as captured in a photo I quickly saw a strong resemblance to one of Vermeer’s portrait’s of a young woman. The young woman is no dog, its just the direction of light on the face, the background that drops into darkness and the gaze of the eyes directly at the viewer are the commonalities in the paintings. And I do not claim to be in anywhere near the same league as the Dutch master. But I liked the title as it alludes to one of the best painters in history, in a sort of tongue in cheek fashion.

12"x 12" oil on canvas

12″x 12″ oil on canvas

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