portrait of Miki

April 8, 2012

We have a semi-feral cat that hangs out at our home. I say semi-feral as she only approaches us if we are sitting down being fairly motionless. She will get close enough to be petted or photographed as long as you have some food to offer up. And during one of these moments I was able to get a cell phone photo of her, that proved to be pretty good reference material for this 12″ x 12″ oil painting.

This painting went pretty fast or just seemed to go much quicker then similar pet portraits I done in the past. It definitely is more “painterly” in technique, but it looks just like her and I chose to leave well enough alone then to go back and tweak more detail into the image.

Miki has some of the greenest cat eyes I’ve ever seen, they seem to change depending on the light from a true green to a more blue-green. So I’m not sure I captured the true color but its what came across in the reference photo I worked from.

12"x 12" oil on canvas

12″x 12″ oil on canvas


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