Disneyland Purgatory

Monday, August 30, 2010

This is a “tiled canvas” sort of thing. Meaning that each of the 6”x 6” squares below, spaced 1” apart, were painted separately. The small watercolor in the upper right hand corner was the first painting I did of this subject, which reminded me of a Diane Arbus photo but in color.

But the image of a small kid with black bars separating him from a floral garden in a place for the whole family seemed to have a certain irony. After I painted a small watercolor, I thought about translating the image to an oil painting. At first I was going to start using several irregular shaped canvasses, leftovers basically, to paint this. However I realized the overall size would be too large to logistically tile these. So after a while I decided on using the smaller, evenly shaped square canvasses worked best.

30"x 30" oil on canvas tiles

30″x 30″ oil on canvas tiles


After painting all 25 tiles, it was the consensus to keep an inch of space between the canvas tiles instead of piecing it all together. Anyway, above is the final work.

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