Cat Birdhouse

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Years ago here in Atlanta, Habitat for Humanity – the organization that builds houses for families who are unable to get into homeownership thru traditional methods. And I’m not taking about the predatory financial lenders that have wrought havoc to the current climate. But I digress. So to help raise money for the house building materials, a bird house auction was held. Several local artists and creative organizations were asked to participate by making an artistic bird house. The bird houses could be functional but not a requirement.



So taking a black humor approach, I thought it might be fun to make a bird house where the bird would nest/exist inside the jaws of a cat. I went with tiger colors and a leopard pattern.

I wasn’t at the actual auction but I hear that there were a couple of bidders who went back and forth for a bit before it was finally sold. Hopefully it paid for a hammer and nails.

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