About my art and how to get it

OK, so here’s another oil painting web site. What makes this different from the millions of other similar sites? Well for starters, nobody else is painting these images I have done here. Meaning what you see here is 100% original, for better or for worse.

I see myself as a visual storyteller. The element of “visual storytelling” is key in the artwork I create: big, vividly colored pieces that often include seemingly unrelated segments — yet it soon becomes clear that I am not experimenting. I begin with a concept, then I work on the composition.

In my artwork, I take ordinary objects and put them into a different context — ordinary objects made extraordinary.

Still with me? Its mostly paintings, but there some other items (i.e. sketches, photo collages, art receptions) posted as well.

Contact me (my email is below) regarding the cost for my art if you want to own one. Basically I charge $2.50 (US dollars) per square inch for each individual piece of art. Some painting’s cost will be a bit more as they are already framed, so be specific which painting you are interested in. Paintings not marked “Sold” or “NFS” are for purchase as original art. And if you don’t want to pay for original arts, ask me about giclées (fine art prints) that can be purchased for a much lower price (again, see the email below); and I am also accepting commissions.

Follow me on Instagram @craigfordfineart – some paintings there are for sale, you will want to DM me there for a purchase.

Email me at craigford@icloud.com for general inquries.

I have some art for sale at Maneline Art http://www.manelineart.com

I am currently represented by AVE.Gallery on the web at


And on Instagram @ave_gallery

10 thoughts on “About my art and how to get it

  1. Hi there, I love your work and was wondering if you have any works for sale through your website. Please let me know. Thank you, Robert

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking some of my stuff! I enjoy your work here–your ability to elevate and lend such beauty to common items/scenes is fantastic.

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