Diagonal Jellies

April 26, 2013

My latest composition takes two elements that I have previously used in my allegory paintings and added them to two canvases. The composition can be altered depending on the viewers choice. I wanted to use these elements as subject matter since the two items have a nice contrast from one another and the color/shape of the items make an interesting juxtaposition. Each canvas measures 24″ x 24″.

24"x 48" oil on canvas diptych

24″x 48″ oil on canvas diptych

Painting close-up portions of recognizable objects, when combined, makes for an abstract composition. And by painting contiguous images to the left and the right side on separate canvases, creates options when looking at the painting. Not sure if this is something to explore further, it might be although I’m not sure which direction this is going – yet. I may not keep them together as one framed item, possibly hang them close together, framed separately as an adjustable diptych.

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