Friday, July 20, 2012

Seems like it has taken me a long time to get to this post, partly due to life’s distractions and to neurotic procrastination. With that lovely excuse out of the way, here’s my next painting in this on going series.

This particular one is more about a locale then an allegorical concept, but I’m not one to shrink from a good conceptual offering either. So I’ll leave this up to the viewer to figure out the relation of the images. In some way this is a bit of a sub-series really, a continuation of sorts with a painting I did several months ago titled “A1A Azure” that can be seen in an earlier post on this site.

As with all of my paintings, color and light are important, maybe as important as the subject matter I’m painting. It can certainly make a concept spring to life when handled correctly, particularly in representational imagery. And as always, I welcome your comments.

36"x 36" oil on canvas

36″x 36″ oil on canvas

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