Motelchrome Palmfruit

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I recently had a conversation about people who want everything to have some literal meaning, an absence of any mystery that they have to worry about. With all the responsibilities we have to deal with on a daily basis, the things that cause and or add stress to our individual lives, having to imagine or figure out what a painting means or what a work of art is about is just too much to have to deal with.

We want to be told what to think, we want things simplified, we want to be told how something works as we don’t have to make time to actually read the instructions and learn on our own. Its these literal people who immediately launch into a series of questions if the artwork’s title doesn’t answer the who, what, when and where for them. So part of my rational in giving a title to my allegorical art is to either explain or direct the viewer to the subject/concept of the painting.

But in my recent conversation the suggestion come up that why can’t the viewer figure out what its about. Or I might tell them what my intentions were and they will tell me that that’s not what the painting means to them. To which I say great, the painting can mean what ever it says or suggests to you. Aside from certain linear and geometrical composition concerns, the literal meaning can be defined as one likes. Thanks for tolerating my “literal people” rant.

So with this current painting, instead of giving some generic title like “painting #15”, I’ve given it a literal title based on the subject matter. The juxtapositions of the various images and the spatial qualities can be defined as one pleases. I like the colors and the intersecting lines, just for starters. Let me know what you think, I’d be curious to see what other folks like or dislike and think about Motelchrome Palmfruit.

36"x 36" oil on canvas

36″x 36″ oil on canvas

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