Fall of Heroes

Sunday, March 25, 2012

By definition a hero is a person, who is admired or idealized for outstanding achievements, or noble qualities and must show great courage. The ideal citizen role that hero’s take on cause admirers to believe that the heroes are incapable of making a mistake, thus building them up or at least their reputations. And yet the higher one rises, the further one can fall.

This fall or decline of heroes has a less then positive impact on our society. It makes us more cynical, less hopeful, and less willing to believe the good of people rather than the bad in our fellow man.

We live in an age where our once real life heros are all too human. The football coach is a pederast. The Sunday school teacher cheats on her spouse. A federal judge abuses his wife and child. The sports hero gambles his life away. Many of us look for a leader with integrity to lead us to better days, but does one even exist?

We crave mythologies both real and fictional to inspire us in our everyday dealings. Seems like we always have, whether its an ancient mythological story or one from current pop culture. Yet when a real hero, a true servant of the people, stands up to better the life of the masses we seem to find a way to destroy them figuratively or literally.

36"x 36" oil on canvas

36″x 36″ oil on canvas

Anyway, I found this latest composition an interesting juxtaposition of color and imagery. And as always, the subject matter is open to viewer interpretation.

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